Horseshoe Mountain

Boudoir Couloir - Class 2+ (Snow)

The night before skiing Horseshoe Mountain we slept in the back of our truck at the Leavick site. By 6:30am we had eaten breakfast and were skinning on Fourmile Creek Road. Our goal was to skin to the summit via Horseshoe's northeast ridge. The weather was perfect until we gained the ridge. The wind picked up, the clouds rolled in and we were in a whiteout unitl we reached the summit. The skin to the summit was staight forward and gentle. When we reached the summit we located the entrance to the Boudoir Couoir and waited about 10 minutes for the visibility to clear up. We skied two laps on Boudoir... booting up between laps. The snow was amazing. Our route covered 8.7 miles and 4100 vertical. Boudior Couloir has a max angle of 38 degrees.

Partner: Kristi Henes

Here is a link for the GPX file from our trip.

GPX Page