Pikes Peak

Road Ride on Pikes Peak Highway

Route: Pikes Peak Highway from Crystal Reservoir
Round Trip Stats: 26.3mi / 4700 ft / 2 hours 45 minutes
* Devil's Playground Peak
* Little Pikes North
* Pike Peak
Partners: Kristi Henes, Solo
Stats are for ride only... does not include 13er summits. However GPX includes 13ers.
Devil's Playground Peak 14ers.com Page
Little Pikes Peak 14ers.com Page
Pikes Peak 14ers.com Page

There is no parking near the entrace and cyclists are "strongly encouraged" to park at Crystal Reservoir. The road to the summit (unlike the road on Mt. Evans) is in great shape... making the $15 entry fee easier to swallow.

The summit donut game has been stepped up with the new visitor's center