Santa Fe to Landslide

Date: 11/07/2020
Partner: Solo
Trailhead: Montezuma (Road 264)
- Santa Fe Peak
- Sullivan Mountain(unranked)
- Geneva Peak
- Landslide Peak(unranked)
Difficulty: Class 2
Distance: 10.25m
Elevation Gain: 3725ft
Duration: 4hrs w/ MTB Shuttle

When I arrived in the 'town' of Montezuma I drove past the trailhead and continued south and up Webster Pass Road where I stashed my mountain bike. I figured it would be fun to ride back to Montezuma after getting down from the peaks. Road walking isn't my favorite.

After setting the bike shuttle I started the hike up Road 264 from Montezuma and quickly decided to skip the road and all of it's switchbacks. Did I mention I am not a fan of road walking? I ended up finding trail segments that took me above treeline and to the ridge. Once on the ridge the route simply went north to south from Santa Fe Peak to Landslide Peak.

The views of Grays and Torreys were spectacular all day. The views of other Front Range and Tenmile peaks to the southwest weren't too shabby either.

Coming down from Landslide requires some light bushwhacking before reaching the meadows below Webster pass. Once at the meadows the road isn't far. I was stoked to have my bike for the big downhill back to Montezuma.

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