Lyngen Alps

Lyngen Norway April 2019

In April of 2019 Kristi and I hooked up with Stefan Brunner and Finn Hovem for an amazing week of skiing in Norway's Lyngen Alps.

Getting to Lyngen from Denver is not for the faint of heart. It took three flights, a two hour drive and a ferry ride to reach our hut in Straumen on the northern tip of Norway. However once in Lyngen, access to skiing could not have been easier.

We skied six straight days covering 3000ft - 4000ft of vertical each day. We felt like super heros coming from Colorado and skiing at sea level. The views were amazing and skiing from summit to sea is definitely a unique experience. Skiing with Stefan and Finn felt more like skiing with friends than skiing with guides. I would definitely recommend these guys.

In the evenings we stayed in a cozy little hut and ate amazing home cooked meals each night. Reindeer, moose, fish, salads and deserts. We were definitely living large compliments of Ascent Descent Guides.

When our week of skiing was over and it was time to head home... we spiced up our return trip with a pig knuckle dinner at Den Glade Gris in downtown Oslo then lunch the next day near Notre Dame in Paris.

Fun Fact:Willy Peall, Scott Fair and I had pig knuckles together at Den Glade Gris on the way to Svalbard in May of 2016.

Lyngen was an amazing trip... one of the best we have taken. It would be great to go back one day.