Mt. Silverheels

West Ridge - Class 2

Kristi and I along with Max (15 year old Lab mix) and Sophie(4 year old Boston Terrier) hiked the West Ridge of Mount Silverheels. The route provided for some spectacular views of the Tenmile Range and some great off trail hiking with the pups.

The mountain was named for Silverheels, a dance hall girl in the nearby mining camp of Buckskin Joe, now a ghost town. She was nicknamed "Silverheels" because of the silver shoes she wore while dancing. She wore a blue or white mask so as to conceal her face, and her actual name is unknown. Well-compensated by the trappers and prospectors who watched her dance, Silverheels was personally generous, having used her own money to bring in doctors during a smallpox epidemic in Buckskin Joe. After the disease waned, Silverheels left Buckskin Joe and was never heard from again. In the words of Frank H. Mayer, a United States marshal in Park County: "The best we could do was to name the mountain after her."

Here is a link for the GPX file from our trip.