Maroon Bells Traverse

Maroon's South Ridge - Class 3
Traverse to North Maroon - Class 4 Descend North Maroon - Class 4

Ha Ha Ha... got this gem of a quote from the forum. We had fun on the traverse.

"The Bells Traverse is a nasty chossy fear fest. It's basically an excercise in spending an hour or two living in fear of objective hazards that would kill you. Several times I found myself clinging to sketchy looking pieces of rock hoping at least 2 of my 4 holds wouldn't jump off the mountain. Made it pretty hard to move as I was reluctant to only have three holds. The rock also has a nasty tendency to be covered in gravel and dip at about 20 degrees towards the several thousand foot drop into Fravert Basin or down the Bell Chord. The only reason to do this traverse is because you have to in order to consider yourself a macho mountain man or woman because someone declared it a "Great Traverse". There isn't much that is good or great about it unless you need to flush out your adrenile glands.
I recommend against it if you have children. And if you don't have children, you should probably freeze some sperm before you go."

Partners: Kristi Henes, Mike Poland Page